For Middle Level Managers

Module 11: Life Coaching For The Effective Mentor

Workshop on effective mentoring

Coaching you towards your success is often reinforced with mentoring. SuccessQuotient@Work® addresses the techniques of mentoring which complements powerful mind coaching in areas of career success, work success, and life success.

  • Determining areas that hinder your success
  • Developing the skills and competencies to overcome the ‘obstacles’ for better performance
  • Mapping out your developmental process
  • Helping you cope with stumbling blocks

Module 12: Evoking The Spirit Of Innovation

Workshop on innovating for results

Turning creative ideas into new and better products is a major challenge for any organization. SuccessQuotient@Work® guides you into acquiring techniques to improve your innovation skills as well as to facilitate the implementation of your ideas into concrete actions.

  • Profiling your creativity and innovation effectiveness
  • Techniques of entrepreneurship
  • Industry-proven tools to facilitate the implementation of innovation

Module 13: Great Decision For Great Results

Workshop on effective decision making

Effective and efficient problem-solving and decision-making are prerequisites for personal and organizational performance and success. SuccessQuotient@Work® endeavors to instill 7 key techniques for you to succeed in problem-solving and decision-making.

  • Critical thinking
  • Tool selection skills
  • Alternative weighing ability
  • Perception and judgement
  • Data gathering and processing
  • Lateral conceptualization
  • Risk assessment skills
  • Specific competencies to enhance success

Module 14: Thriving On Conflicts

Workshop on managing conflicts effectively

It is clear that conflicts have to be dealt with, but the question is how? Unlike many programs targeted at a particular approach dealing with conflict, SuccessQuotient@Work® guides the conflict resolution process through a combination of specific approaches that aims at achieving the objectives clearly set from the start.

  • Identifying your preferred conflict resolution style
  • Ways to balance your approaches of handling conflicts
  • Techniques for handling emotions, both yours and theirs
  • Adopting appropriate processes in resolving conflicts

Module 15: Birds of Different Feathers

Workshop on managing diversity at the workplace

Cultural diversity has a great impact on managerial behavior that may work for or against an individual’s success. SuccessQuotient@Work® shares techniques that enables you to bring together people of very different backgrounds and styles to work creatively together.

  • Recognize the benefits of diversity in the workplace
  • Build awareness of differences and similarities between groups and individuals
  • Leverage on creativity through harnessing differences to get the best in everyone
  • Capitalize on different strengths of others towards a shared vision

Module 16: Why Be Aggressive When You Can Be Assertive?

Workshop on effective assertiveness skills

Does assertiveness mean exercising your rights all the time, every time, to get what you want? SuccessQuotient@Work® advocates that success comes to those who know how to get what they want from others without infringing upon their rights.

  • Proven effective styles when dealing with other people
  • Identifying the best approach to use when voicing ideas & opinions to others
  • Handling difficult situations and people confidently and assertively
  • Techniques for better working relationships through assertiveness

Module 17: UP Your Negotiation Scale!

Workshop on negotiation skills

Do you seem to have to fight your corners aggressively, or ally with others, to win the resources you need? If so, brushing up on win-win negotiations will help you to resolve conflicting situations. SuccessQuotient@Work® explores this special communication behavior that is deployed during the negotiation process.

  • Understanding the ‘art’ of effective negotiation
  • Profiling your negotiation effectiveness
  • Proven techniques of effective negotiation

Module 18: Wrestling With Change!

Workshop on managing change smoothly

How do you ensure change is working for you? How will you change to make things happen? SuccessQuotient@Work® prepares you to implement changes smoothly, efficiently and with better acceptance throughout an organization.

  • Developing effective change management strategies and plans
  • Mastering techniques for aligning people with change
  • Implementing strategies to manage change and foster flexibility

The Dual Concern model addressed by Dr Alvin and many other issues that are worth thinking through and how we can apply it in our company

Julia ThamHead of Operations (HR/Fin/Office Management), Savant Degrees

OD journey – its link with SuccessQuotient@Work®

Jessie TanHR Manager, KES Systems & Service

Dual Concerns model and Dr Alvin’s insightful perspectives and sharing our real cases. Find his sharing on “Making the Horse Thirsty” enlightening as it helps me to look at organizational challenges more from another angle

Joclynn TanHR Executive, Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Getting to know about the different programs/courses being available at Wisdom International and the usefulness of the same in increasing personal and organizational effectiveness

Capt Sharad SaldanhaCrew Manager, V.Ships Asia Group Pte Ltd

Verbalising in clear points what is pragmatic and may have been lost in one’s myriad of thought

Sharon TingHead of Corporate Office, Zalora South East Asia

Understanding my own Success Response Profile and the elements of the SuccessQuotient of High Performance. The Dual Concerns model was also impactful to analyze my own strengths and weaknesses

Lanna YeoRegional HR Manager, Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Sharing of the important learning points of the program by Dr Alvin

Chew Eng YawGM, HR, Komatsu Asia & Pacific Pte Ltd

Once again, we would like to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with our overseas delegates.We have received positive feedback from them.

We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Jeannie ThungManager, HR & Admin, Kingsmen Creatives Ltd

A much better understanding on areas of developing a team

Mona LeeAcademy Manager, Motor Image Enterprise Pte Ltd