For First Line Managers

Module 1: Conquering Your Stress

Workshop on how to manage stress effectively

Stress is often seen to be a ‘modern world’ phenomenon. SuccessQuotient@Work® addresses stress and wellness in a pragmatic way and teaches psychological and physical techniques that help you cope with it for greater success at work and at home.

  • Understand your “Stress Ball”
  • Techniques to alleviate stress and boost productivity
  • Re-framing and relaxation techniques
  • Self-management and control
  • Calls on your time and priorities
  • Managing your emotional energy
  • Working on your negative habits

Module 2: Listen to Understand

Workshop on performance management and people manager

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. SuccessQuotient@Work® creates a genuine 2-way experience that helps you succeed in listening, which is an essential part of communication.

  • Listening to build rapport
  • Techniques of good listening to influence others
  • Listen to communicate like a Leader

Module 3: Ace in Sales

Workshop on how to achieve excellence in Sales Performance

Ace in Sales is truly the golden ticket of selling. Making sales, closing deals, and building loyal relationships are hallmarks of sales excellence. SuccessQuotient@Work® uses a unique blend of techniques which helps you to achieve sales excellence.

  • Planning & executing sales call
  • Extracting Preferred Submissions
  • “Checkmating” Renewal Shopping
  • Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Negotiating in a Changing Market

Module 4: From Strategy To Action

Workshop on how to set goals effectively for performance excellence

Goal setting may sound commonsensical but many people fail to achieve their goals due to lack of follow-up and execution. SuccessQuotient@Work®addresses this ‘gap’ and guides you to develop skills in setting and achieving goals.

  • Ways to streamline and align your goals
  • Overcoming your own limitations
  • Techniques to ensure goal implementation

Module 5: Delivering Quality At Every Level

Workshop on what it takes to achieve quality effectiveness

Total quality in the 21st century has become a mandatory requirement in all type of organizations. SuccessQuotient@Work® guides you through a 4-technique framework for delivering your products and services to make you a performing organization that begins with you.

  • Leadership
  • Customer Focus
  • Measurement
  • Continuous Improvement

Module 6: Gaining Personal Mastery

A “Personal Effectiveness” workshop

Do you feel in control of your career and your goals? Do you feel that you should take more control of your actions and emotions? SuccessQuotient@Work® looks at how an individual can personally be committed to improve himself/herself and addresses issues pertaining to 7 major areas to achieve success:

  • Delivering results
  • Achieving higher standards
  • Developing yourself
  • Taking responsibility
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Working well with others
  • Straight talking

Module 7: Communicating For Success

Workshop on how to communicate effectively

Regardless of the size of your organization – whether it’s a large corporation, a small company, or even a home-based business – you need good communication skills if you want to succeed. SuccessQuotient@Work® guides you to understand the fundamental principles and techniques of effective communication and vary them according to situation.

  • Situational communication
  • Techniques of communication to build rapport
  • Communication styles that influence and connect

Module 8: Wow Your Customers

Workshop on delivery excellence in service

Customer is King! Exceptional customer service is one area that can set your organization apart from your competition. SuccessQuotient@Work® offers you the best tools available to provide great service internally, as well as service that turns prospects into customers and turns new customers into repeat customers.

  • Master ways to develop & maintain a positive, customer focused attitude
  • Learn outstanding customer service techniques to generate return business
  • Master techniques for dealing with difficult customers

Module 9: Reprioritizing Your Priorities!

Workshop on effective time management

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, or do you find yourself missing deadlines? SuccessQuotient@Work® offers you good practices that have been researched and used by many successful people and guides you to select the most suitable approach at managing your priorities.

  • Common time management challenges
  • How productive are you
  • Tools for prioritization

Module 10: Building A Winning Team

Workshop on ways to work effectively as a team to achieve higher performance

High performing teams never just ‘happen’, but have to be ‘built’.

SuccessQuotient@Work® enables your team to perform at the optimum level using tested and proven methods:

  • ‘Aspirational’ model of excellence for teams
  • Measuring individual effort in building team alignment and performance
  • Gaining team momentum

The Dual Concern model addressed by Dr Alvin and many other issues that are worth thinking through and how we can apply it in our company

Julia ThamHead of Operations (HR/Fin/Office Management), Savant Degrees

OD journey – its link with SuccessQuotient@Work®

Jessie TanHR Manager, KES Systems & Service

Dual Concerns model and Dr Alvin’s insightful perspectives and sharing our real cases. Find his sharing on “Making the Horse Thirsty” enlightening as it helps me to look at organizational challenges more from another angle

Joclynn TanHR Executive, Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Getting to know about the different programs/courses being available at Wisdom International and the usefulness of the same in increasing personal and organizational effectiveness

Capt Sharad SaldanhaCrew Manager, V.Ships Asia Group Pte Ltd

Verbalising in clear points what is pragmatic and may have been lost in one’s myriad of thought

Sharon TingHead of Corporate Office, Zalora South East Asia

Understanding my own Success Response Profile and the elements of the SuccessQuotient of High Performance. The Dual Concerns model was also impactful to analyze my own strengths and weaknesses

Lanna YeoRegional HR Manager, Makino Asia Pte Ltd

Sharing of the important learning points of the program by Dr Alvin

Chew Eng YawGM, HR, Komatsu Asia & Pacific Pte Ltd

Once again, we would like to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience with our overseas delegates.We have received positive feedback from them.

We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Jeannie ThungManager, HR & Admin, Kingsmen Creatives Ltd

A much better understanding on areas of developing a team

Mona LeeAcademy Manager, Motor Image Enterprise Pte Ltd