Consulting Solutions

Our Organizational Consulting Solutions

Training Needs Analysis/Measures and Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

We will carry out competency profiling of employees based on performance and map out a comprehensive skills inventory to help organizations address their learning and development needs. The process of validation and competency gap analysis will be carried out through linking the communication system, feedback system and the training design process based on Wisdom’s landmark methodologies. We will also help organizations to prepare a Training Plan. Evaluation of the training programs will be built into every stage of the design work that is from initial conceptualization to its final implementation to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

Organizational Development

We carry out organizational climate surveys to initiate and facilitate change programs to improve the Value Chain. In this respect, we provide an indicator of employee morale, internal responsiveness and readiness to change, inter-departmental coordination and direction, and creativity and innovation. A review of corporate vision, mission, objectives, values and corporate culture will also form part of the process.


Practical tools and techniques will be imparted to help clients adopt proper and right use of training and facilitation skills in the classroom or at the workplace to maximize the transfer of learning to their job. The process includes the development and design of training blueprints, instructional design and curriculum development as well as the presentation skills needed for effective delivery.

Talent Management

  • Assessment & Profiling for performance coaching & improvement
  • Student / Adult Development & Learning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Career-Life Coach Program

Legal Aspects of Business

  • Understanding & Drafting Business Contracts
  • Doing Business in China & India
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution for Businesses
  • Credits & Debts Management
  • Company Law for Managers
  • Intellectual Property Law for Managers

Strategic Envisioning and Business Planning

This program develops an innovative and practical framework by using models of strategic management success. It imparts tools and techniques to analyze a number of influences on the company’s ability to pursue a new strategic direction and discuss the impact of influence. Participants’ will acquire and formulate new approaches and strategies to lead through vision, mission and values and manage the dynamics of the environment and its impact on the bottom line.

Effective Incentives System for Job Grading

The balance between making employees stay and remain competitive is often a challenging task. A flexible wage and incentive scheme which focuses on rewards that are based on performance and contribution to the bottom line rest on the tenets of a good wage structure. We provide the tools and techniques of wage structure analysis, job evaluations productivity measurements, and the ways to design a good wage structure viz-a-viz job grades, corporate objectives and individual performance.

Performance Management

Measuring employee performance and potential is a very critical aspect of human resource management. A good performance appraisal system is not only fair to employees, but also ensures objectivity which will raise the level of motivation, commitment and performance among them. Using landmark methodologies developed by Harvard researchers David McClelland and Daniel Goleman, we work with our clients on appropriate performance management techniques to improve performance and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Training Systems Review and the People Developer Standards

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Career Development Plan
  • Training Management System
  • Training Monitoring System
  • Training Evaluation System

We work with organizations to ensure that their management shows evidence of and has dimensions for commitment to the development of all employee such that the plans made for training and development of human resource are carried out. We also guide and advise our clients on systematic evaluations of all human resource development activities conducted to improve their effectiveness in achieving their business objectives using proven landmark methodologies developed by Leicester researcher and professor David Ashton, Centre for Labor Market Studies, who guided the UK IiP (Investors in People). In addition, we assist organizations at conducting People Developer reviews to ensure that the system stays relevant.

Building High-Performance

Our Organizational Development interventions assist organizations to see the potential of their team in a new light, build and evoke the team spirit, improve the ability to solve their team’s problems and create a safe environment within which team members can face challenges and adapt behaviors with confidence to achieve positive synergy.